Who we are


Ingredients of our history

  • 2 friends
  • The changing world
  • The sum of our experiences
  • The new technology
  • The right value of things

We were four friends at the bar….

And that time the discussion, as always by chance, ended on the "famous" sweaters, famous because we have been wearing them for a lifetime and like every time when it comes time to buy them we don't know where to turn our heads: those that do not dot, that do not deform and with the "right price".

In the last decade, the world has changed and the "right price" has also changed.

TO Giacomo, 2nd generation of a family of clothing merchants, the idea was born to venture into the world of knitwear, and I, Paul, who has always been a salesman, I decided to follow him.

And so there were two of us left….

His knowledge of yarns, my commercial experience, the help of technology.

We have arrived at the "right value".

Thus was born REPULL, the "timeless" pullover that has always been a companion to man, at work and in his free time.